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Once you choose to settle for a marriage, you must choose your spouse at your expectation through some relatives, friends,ads or websites. Immediately a spouse is concluded, plan yourself for selection of an auspicious day and venue either it be a place of religious worship,registered office or some other place. Fix up a date suitable for both the families and look out for informing your proposal to other family members orally at the first instance.

Better be cautious in selecting a bride or groom for which there are even some reliable private detectives assist for your help, either it is a settlement within or outside the State or Country. Then plan and list out the number of people to be invited for the Betrothel as well as for the Wedding and arrive out a clear number of guests. Random number will spoil your money and hardship. Arrange for a marriage loan if necessary.

Then plan for engaging the priests depending on your religious customs and tradition privately or at the Church/temple. Go in for collecting samples of wedding invitation cards to be printed adequate to your requirement in number, design and cost. Find out a Hall or Hotel to your convenience for celebration of Reception. Plan for event organisers, party organisers, bands, floral arrangments, balloon decorations suit to your best choice. Amateur photographers may not be suitable for a wedding and so you may prefer better for arranging some Professional photographers/videographers.

Book in advance sufficient number of guest rooms in Hotels in advance and avoid embarrassment later. There are also some private bungalows in good residential localities with multiple bedrooms available for stay. Book some vehicles like mini buses, vans or cars to your requirement including a special Wedding Car for the Couple. Horse drawn carriages are now becoming popular in some weddings. In some families you may have to book return Train, Bus or Airtickets which can be arranged by travel agencies in bulk or single.

As the marriages are conducted mostly on an auspicious day, you may find it difficult to bring some groups like marriage bands, classical nadhaswaram parties etc, therefore reserve everything in advance. If the Reception Hall or Wedding Hall have no infrastructure facilities like public address systems, adequate seatings, music player systems and electrical service systems you need to bring them from outside providers. Carnatic vocal singers, light music orchestras RJs are popular in some marriages.

A marriage cannot be without colours, wearings and ornaments. You need to buy some Kancheepuram Bridal Sarees of good quality for the Bride and Wedding Suits for the Bride Groom and other wedding textiles for your family members and some important relatives. In some occasion you may need to buy some additional jewellery if you don’t possess the required one. Thiru Mangalyam or Thali and its string are essentials and are now tied everywhere in Gold. Therefore you need to buy some additional jewellery apart from everything you possess suit to latest designs and expectations. Some people even wear fancy,covering gold ornaments for attending the marriages. The Bride as well as other women members should have a periodical consultation preferably with some beauticians, in preparation for the marriage so as to get a good result on the upcoming day.

Arrange for wedding caterers to serve you better in giving a quality tasty food of your choice and quantity in serving everyone without any disreputation and dissatisfaction. It is always to keep in mind that once a food served is good, everyone will bless and thank your family for giving a good host.

Send wedding invitations by post/courier services to the people in outstations in advance so that they may have a well planning and shall always be expected to come. Some VIP/VVIPs may require special attention for whom you may need to arrange some floral bouquets.
Event organisers here play an important role in receiving them at the Portico or verandah. Distribution of wedding invitation cards in and around your residence and home town shall consume some weeks and this task has to be completed atleast one week before the date of the wedding.

It is better you assign every task to some of your suitable family members to complete the job to your satisfaction promptly without fail.

Always have in touch with your physician if you are a regular patient to maintain a good health. A lot of time and energy is consumed by a wedding and therefore planning for a wedding is truly a High task. However perform your wedding plans cheerfully with a
smile ever. You may then wonder how everything was celebrated and fulfilled with the GRACE of GOD as fully planned as well advised by “Chennai Wedding”.

Wedding Photographer – planning

Most of the photographers find full of stress on the wedding day. To get stress less photography here are few tips.

1.Go to bride’s home as early on wedding day to get few snaps showing how she is getting ready for the ceremony. You can take few snaps on mehendi, hair style, etc. Foot wear, flowers and jewellery makes some good shots. You can take shots in natural light as they will give you good result. When she is chatting with her relatives and friends. Before she is getting into the car and after she is getting into the car. You can have a assistant or one more person who can take snaps from the bridegroom’s house.

2.Reach the church or the wedding venue before bride and groom reaches. Here, you can get good snaps when both bride and bridegroom smile or talk with each other. You can take guests reaching the venue, group of people chatting, children playing, flowers in a garden, entrance of the church/ wedding venue, inside the church/ wedding venue. You can take snaps of flower girls dressed with beautiful flowers.

3.Take snaps when bride, bridegroom and their parents enter the church or the wedding venue. Take few shots when they give offering, exchange wedding rings. Take a close shot on the wedding chain before it is being tied to the bride. Then take snaps when bride receives wedding chain from bridegroom. Take snaps when both receives holy communion from the priest. Also take few snaps when both bride and bridegroom walks out.

4.Take snap when bride and bridegroom enters a well decorated car. Reach the reception venue as soon as possible before the new wed comes. Here, you can take shots on reception, stage, guests, DJ’s etc. Take snaps when the new wed couple reaches the wedding venue and when they start walking from entrance to the stage.

5.You can start taking more shots on cake cutting, and the new wed couples receiving guests at the stage and the guests at the venue. Here you take more group snaps at the stage. You can also take few snaps from the food service room or hall. You also need to take snaps of stage decoration, party organisers, music orchestra or DJ’s.

6.You can also entertain children at your wedding reception.

Types of Wedding
Tamil Brahmin Wedding
Tamil Brahmin wedding ceremony is celebrated for four days. The boy is welcomed by elephant which is called “Janavasam”. The boy’s legs are washed before entering the wedding hall. And it is called “Padha Pooja”. First day of the wedding ceremony starts with “Kaasi Yatra” where the boy as a saint goes to pilgrimage. Then the girl’s father give two riped coconuts to the boy and ask him to stop the pilgrimage and marry his daughter. Then the boy take oath to marry the girl before the holy fire which is called “Sapthpadhi”. The boy hold’s the girl’s feet and step seven times and shows “Arundhathi” a star to the girl.
Gujarati WeddingGujarati wedding is full of fun and enjoyed a lot. The girl’s sari and the boy’s towel and tied together and they walk around the holy fire seven times which is called “Hastha Milap”
Telugu WeddingTelugu wedding is conducted at the girl’s home. After “Gauri Pooja” is performe, the girl enters the wedding ceremony. The bride is called “Ardhangini” which means the girl is better half of her husband.
Madhwa WeddingIn this wedding ceremony, all bride and bridegrooms are considered as Lakshmi and Narayana. During the wedding ceremony, a prayer song is sung to the God by their parents to increase the lifetime of the couple. “Kanganadharanam” is a part of a wedding ceremony that joins boy and the girl to a couple by a long thread. A long thread coated with turmeric is tied around both the girl and the boy in three tiers. Then this thread is cut and tied into the hands of the bride and the bridegroom. Once the wedding ceremony is over, this holy thread is cut into pieces and given to the young ones of the family.

Why plaintain or banana trees are found at wedding ceremonies?
Two plaintain or banana trees are tied at the entrance of the wedding venue, wedding houses.
It is believed that both bride and the bridegroom will have prosperity and their generations will grow as the plaintain trees give young trees.
Few days before the wedding, plaintain tree is worshipped and then they are placed at the entrance of the bride and bridegroom’s house which is known as “Pandhakaal”. Pandhakaal with a welcome board is kept in front of the gate or at the entrance of the house and it will be easier for the guests to identify the house. Wedding home, wedding venue is also decorated with serial lights. People also play joyful songs in a big speaker near the pandhakaal welcoming guests to their house.